Central Vietnam is on the rise

Central Vietnam is one of those areas that often gets rushed by travelers on their way either north to Hanoi or South to Saigon. Most stops here will usually include Hoi An, Da Nang or Hue. These cities are absolutely worth visiting however the national parks and nature in this area often gets overlooked.

The main reason why tourist visit central Vietnam is Hoi An, Hue and Da Nang. These three cities are absolutely worth visiting although we do feel like there are so many more uncovered gems in this area that should be interesting for tourist to check out. Given the massive influx fo tourism in Hoi An especially, it only requires a little bit of reading to find something truley unique and off the beaten path that will make your trip to Vietnam an absolutely unforgetable one.



2 Day Pu Mat National Park Trekking Tour from Vinh

People often find it difficult to locate a place to go between the central cities of Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An and Hanoi. Pu Mat National Park, one of the most stunning national parks in Vietnam, is the perfect place to stop on the way. Instead of taking a 16 hour bus to Hanoi, this will take you just an 8 hour bus from Hue.

Put Mat National Park Waterfall


If you are looking for a jungle trekking tour immerssed in nature, look no further. The beauty in this region is on par with the more popular trekks in Sapa but minus the mass tourism. The term “authentic experience” is certainly overused in the tourism industry, but it certainly applies here.


Pu Mat National Park is located 115 km north west of Vinh. The tour will pick you up from Vinh and return you two days later taking you through this unspoiled nature reserve. Pu Mat is home to elephants and tigers and an incredibly diverse selection of wildlife.

Marble Mountain Tour from Da Nang

Located just outside of Da Nang Marble Mountain is one of the natural wonders of this region, a collection of five mountains made of limestone and marble make them one of the most popular areas to visit in central Vietnam. Be sure to book a Marble Mountain Tour when in Da Nang!

Bhuddist Cave in Marble Mountain

Inside the mountain you will find a large cave with buddhist statues. The colors and textures of the rock inside the cave are absolutely stunning.

Cham Islands Sea Walking Tour from Hoi An

Sea Trekking in Cham Islands

Sea walking tours are the recent craze in tourism in Vietnam. Simply put on a cool looking underwater astronaut helmet and you are lowered to the sea floor where you get to walk around while holding a rope observing the magnificient corals and marine life at display.

A truley unique experience that must be experienced when you have the chance! This is a half day tour from Hoi An starting in the morning and bringing you back to Hoi An around 2 PM with plenty of time to spare to look through the shops and tailors. No experience beforehand is required.


Buffalo Riding and Basket Tour from Da Nang

Ever ridden a buffalo before? Most people havent! This tour is a great way to experience the nearby stunning Da Nang Countryside from the comfort of a water buffalo. Following the Buffalo you will get to sail on a basket boat down the water cocounut forest river. Crab fishing is included!

Buffalo Riding by Da Nang


Myson Temple Tour by Motorbike

Myson Temple

Nicknamed “Mini-Angor Watt” this ancient temple is a must see when staying in Hoi An. These hindu temples were  between the 4th century and 14th century A.D. The temples were built as a dedication to the god Shiva. The Myson temple is regarded as one of the foremost hindu complexes in Southeast Asia. Unfortunatley a large part of the Myson complex was destroyed by US bombing during the war but still stands in tact today.


Ba Na Hill Tour 

Proppoed up on a 1500 m mountain 48 km west of Da Nang, this site proivdes a welcome change from the coast. Orginally this site was developed by the French in the 1920’s to escape the summer heat for the cool mountain air.

Ba Na Hills

A cable car can take you to the top which provides a jaw dropping view of the surrounding nature and Da Nang from above. Located on the top of the hill is a reconstructed French village built by the entertainment group Sunworld. This fantasy world gives you the sensation of walking through a midevil French village. A surreal experience to say the least.

Sunworld Bana Hills

Also located here is the recent viral sensation in Vietnam, “The Golden Bridge”. Constructed in the summer of 2018, this impressive bridge is certainly one of the most scenic in Vietnam.

Golden Bridge

Cooking Class with Farm Visit near Hoi An


Hoi An is the hub for Vietnamese cooking classes. This tour combines a cooking class with a leasurly bike ride through the Vietnamese countryside. Start by riding to the local farm market and picking out the ingredients for your cooking class. The tour also includes a herbal massage in the end.