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Best Day Trips to do from Hoi An

People are increasingly finding Hoi An as the ideal location to spend an extended time for those who prefer not to be constantly on the move. Hoi An’s picturesque town as well as abundance of beautiful beaches in its proximity make it an ideal location for families who want a relaxing place to stay while at the same time having opportunities to go on day trips to the many interesting areas close by. Here our our top 5 day trips to do from Hoi An!

1.Cham Islands

For all those that detest sharing their tropical paradise with the general public, head to the Cham Islands right away. The Cham Islands are marine protected islands just off the coast of Hoi An. Due to its fragile ecosystem hardly any development has taken place.  On public days and weekdays, day trippers will make there way here, however if you manage to get out on a week day you may find yourself alone with a handful of other people.

The Cham Islands are a popular destinations for divers and snorkelers and recently sea walkers. You can book day trips for these excursions that depart from Hoi An every day. The ferry to the Cham Islands takes roughly 90 minutes.

2.Marble Mountain and Monkey Mountain

Marble Mountains religious significance as well as the outstanding views on display make it one of Vietnam’s most visited attractions.  Beneath the surface lies a complex system of caves and tunnels.  Pagodas, shrines and statues are also scattered around the area.

Only a 20 minute bus ride from Hoi An, Marble Mountain has the very unique appearance of leaping out of the surrounding flat plain. The mountain is composed of five limestone peaks. Named Ngu Hanh Son which translates to 5 elements mountain, each peak representing one of the five elements.

Historical Background

During the American-Vietnam War, the mountain was used as a hideout and lookout for the North Vietnamese. The panoramic view was perfect to keep an eye out on the American troops stationed at nearby China Beach. With the vast amount of hidden tunnels in the mountain, it has been a sanctuary for guerilla fighters and scouters over the many military conflicts Vietnam has been engaged in over the years.  It is even reported that the Vietcong set up a hospital inside the mountain.

Marble Sculptures

As you approach Marble Mountain you will notice the roadside being dominated by massive magnificent statues. These statues are all for sale and they are particularly popular among wealthy Vietnamese and Chinese tourist. Other items you will find on display includes hand carved jewelry and marble chess sets.

Practical Information:

Entrance ticket: 40,000vnd

Shades Cave: 20,000vnd

One-way elevator ticket: 15,000VND

Map: 15,000VND

Hours: 7.30am to 5pm


Nearby lies Monkey Mountain. The approaches to the peak are some of the steepest inclines in South East Asia. The incredibly winding and steep roads make it almost impossible for a standard bike to reach up.  At the base of the mountain lies the famous Lady Buddha statue, seen as a spiritual protector from natural disasters like typhoons. The statue stands at an impressive 67 meters. Right around from the Lady Buddha is the Linh Ung – Bai But Pagoda, an active monastery and pilgrimage site for domestic tourist. On a clear day you can see all the way to Hue from the peak.

3.My Son

The ruins of My Son are Vietnam’s equivalent of Angkor Watt. Dating back to the early centuries AD when the Hindu Champa civilization reigned over much of central Vietnam.

The MySon ruins were tragically bombarded in 1969 during the American-Vietnam War. Most of it was completely blown off the face of the earth. Despite this there are 70 or so well preserved Hindu Towers remaining. You will notice craters as big as houses as you walk around this site that remain from the attack. Still a large part of the sanctuary can not be visited as it has not been cleared of all explosives from the war.

MySon is a remarkable achievement in architecture that developed over ten centuries. It presents a clear picture of spiritual and political life in a significant moment in the history of South East Asia.

MySon can be reached by motorbike from Hoi An or you can book one of the many day tours that go there.


4.Nipa Palms

A labyrinth wonderland of mangroves Nipa Palms or “Coconut Palms” have been a major tourist destination in Hoi An for several years. This is where you go to ride on the famous Vietnamese basket boat.  There are areas of the palms that are a bit over-crowded with tourist on the basket boats but do not worry, you can get away from the crowd and be more secluded. The scenery here is a tad reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

5.Da Nang

The nearby city of Da Nang cant be missed out on when in Hoi An. Da Nang is the largest city in central Vietnam and in recent years has seen exceptional development and been dubbed the “silicon valley” of Vietnam. For those looking to do some shopping Da Nang offers a terrific selection of stores to look into. The main reason why most travelers will wander here is the proximity to My Khe Beach and Lang Co Beach. Lang Co Beach is a stunning stretch of white sand lined with pine tries along crystal clear blue water. My Khe Beach or “China Beach” was a popular place of American G.I’s during the seeking R&R. Water sports here are in abundance and it does get crowded here over the weekend.