Best 5 day South Vietnam Itinierary

Heading to Ho Chi Minh City and only have limited time? This 5 day itinerary will offer you the best of South Vietnam combining nature, culture and relaxation.

Day 1- Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is a true urban jungle. Although it has fewer points of interest regarding tourism compared to Hanoi it is certainly worth exploring. Get lost in this huge maze and wander around countless alley ways and narrow streets just observing the local life pass you by.  Book a food tour to get an introduction into Vietnamese cuisine while at the same learning about the city and the country on a back of a motorbike driven by a local. The most visited musuem in Saigon is the War Musuem. Although of course it covers a quite disheartening point in human history.

Ho Chi Minh Skyline

Day 2- Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta

The splendor of South East Asia, The Mekong Delta has been home to locals here for centuries. This massive river bank is not just a natural wonder but a cultural and historical one as well. Every morning there are floating markets offering the freshest ingredients from the region. This is an absolute must do and is included in all tours you book to go here. If you can book a two day cruise tour here to get away from the crowds and enjoy the serenity of this area.

Day 3-Con Dao Islands

Vietnamese fishing boats on a tropical Con Dao Island. View from the pier in the direction of a beach with white sand.

Take the ferry from Soc Trang over to the magical Con Dao Islands. These islands are absolutely Vietnams best kept secret. The interior is mountanous and home to a wide selection of bio-diversity. Lining the islands are several pristine beautiful beaches next to absolutely clear blue ocean water. Since Con Dao is still unknown to main-stream tourism the beaches are usually nearly empty. The majority of tourism here comes from local Vietnamese who exclusively come here to pray at the former political prison that used to operate here under French and American Rule.

Day 4- Fly to Dalat

Dalat Countryside

After spending the morning on the beach in Con Dao sipping on your cocunut water, hop on a plane to Ho Chi Minh and then transfer directly to the beautiful mountain retreat of Da Lat. The town was built by the French in the early 20’s as an escape from the blistering heat of Ho Chi Minh City. Book a day tour of the countryside here on a motorbike and breath in the fresh mountain air and discover the local life here. In the city of Dalat be sure to check out the “Crazy House”, an elaborate hotel that resembles some of Gaudi’s work.

Day 5- Back to Ho Chi Minh and to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Head back to Ho Chi Minh City for your final day in Vietnam. Take an afternoon tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels to wrap up your 5 day South Vietnam Adventure. The Cu Chi Tunnels were a series of tunnels created by the Viet Cong during the American war that were used as a refuge to fight the Americans. An absolute must see for anyone in Ho Chi Minh and the perfect way to end your Trip to Vietnam.

The perfect 5 Day Vietnam Plan

This itinerary will combine all the best that Vietnam has to offer in 5 days. The bustling city life of Ho Chi Minh, the local connection to the communities in the Mekong Delta, a tropical paradise in Con Dao, and a mountain adventure in Dalat.