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Book Tours Online and Save Hassle and Time

Booking Tours in Vietnam can be chaotic, confusing. often leads you in a situation where you are not entirely sure what you are paying for.



Thousands of booking offices are located in all the tourism hot spots that you are free to book from. The problem with this howevers is that getting an overview of what exactly is available and how much it costs can consist of hoping between street offices and spending uneescary time figuring out what you need to book.


Booking before your arrival online is therefore both a time saver and can save you money as well as prices in these offices can fluctuate randomly. At Conbeo you get a clear overview of tours available from the region you are in, can compare prices and book your tour well in advance of your arrival to Vietnam.

Vietnamese fishing boats on a tropical Con Dao Island. View from the pier in the direction of a beach with white sand.


Tours that you Need to Book Online In Advanace

Halong Bay Tours

There are on average 3000 boats in Halong bay every day. That means that there is an overload of different boats to chose from. Most go to their hotel and book directly with whatever is available there.

Halong Bay

Comparing boats and prices online is by far a better option in this case. Often you will end up on a cruise not exactly cattered to your interest and considering how much value you can get for your money on Halong Bay Tours it is much better to compare and book Halong Bay Cruises online.

Mekong Delta Cruises

Mekong Delta Cruise

Like with Halong Bay, Mekong Delta cruises vary greatly. The cruises available in the booking offcies in Saigon are numeruous and offer unclear information regarding the quality of the boats they have to offer. As this, like the Halong Bay Cruise will be the tour that you most likely spend the most money on, doing research and booking online here is highly recommended.

Sapa Trekking Tours

Sapa is another of the three main tourism hot spots that is best to do research and book online due to that overwhelming amount of operators running tours in this area. For a perfect small group experience it is recommended to book a small group tour to get as much of an intimate experience as possible.



Book a tour or go by yourself?

Like anywhere you venture to you always have the option of traveling solo wherever you go. In the past this has been the preferred method of travel in Vietnam especially among young backpackers. However in recent years there has been an explosion of terrific operators with high quality english speaking guides. The added experience of getting a historical and cultural perspective from a local thus can not be overlooked.


Vietnam Multi Day Packages

Another lucrative option is to book a multi day package that will take care of your trip from A to Z. Considering the stress relief you get from avoiding having to make arrangments for yourself this just might be it for you. Given that Vietnam is still very cheap compared to other major tourism hot spots these multi day packages are actually within the budget of more people then you would expect.

8 Day North Vietnam Off the Beaten Track

This 8 day North Vietnam package offers the best of the stunning North Vietnam with all transport, accommodation and guiding included. A perfect combination of staying in authentic Vietnamese homestays and luxurious hotels along the way, this package offers the best of North Vietnam for a very reasonable price.