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Is Vietnam Safe?

Safety in Vietnam for Tourist

Vietnam is absolutely safe and secure for all tourist travelling through the country. Crime in Vietnam is very low compared to even European standards. There is absolutely no anomisty towards any minority group including LGBTQ travelers. This however does not mean that there are not the occasional problems that pop up. Mainly the complaints that are prevelant are scams from local tour agencies and illegal taxi drivers. This can easily be avoided by taking the right precautions and not letting yourself get into that kind of situation.

Hanoi has more of a reputation for Scamming

Hanoi has in recent years had much more prevelancy for tourist scams compared to places in the South of Vietnam. The reasons for this are not too clear but generally this is as a result of simply there being more tourist in Hanoi then in other places in Vietnam. The best way to avoid paying excess amounts of money when you dont have to is of course to compare and book tours from the comfort of your computer on Conbeo 🙂

Take the Right Precautions and do not worry about a thing


Make sure that you download the Grab app when you get your local sim card and use it at all times when you need transport and avoid hopping on to any random person on a motorbike. Othern then that you should not run into any serious problems except the odd food stand employee charing you a few extra cents for a bowl of Pho.


Vietnam is Changing Fast

Ho Chi Minh Skyline

On top of this Vietnam is one of the fastest growing nations in the world and is quickly moving away from its status of a developing nation to a thriving economy. With this comes more stability and security throughout the country. The population is also very young and very open minded to all foreign visitors. English is quickly becoming the second langauge of most Vietnamese especially among the younger generation who are very eager to learn. On top of that Vietnam has become much more used to foreign visitors then they were in previous years.

Vietnam had a bad reputation but dont let that worry you

Scamming and harrasing was much more common some years ago. Although this still does exist of course and there are still blogs out there that make Vietnam seem like an absolute nightmare, do not be alarmed. Most likely this is from experiences from many years ago when tourism in Vietnam was still in its early stages. Vietnamese now understand that you benefit much more from tourism by treating them fairly rather then scamming or harrassing them.  After having travelled to Vietnam 5 times in the last 5 years, there has not been one instance where I have felt unsafe, been harassed or if someone was trying to rip me off. I am sure there have been times where I paid an extra 50 cents for my Pho or Banh Mi, but I honestly do not mind!

Take Precautions when on the road

mekong motorbike tours1


Renting motorbikes is becoming increasingly popular for tourist visitng Vietnam. Given Vietnam’s chaotic traffic in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City this is the most dangerous activity you will be faced with when in Vietnam. Make sure you always wear a helmet when riding and always be on constant look out for dangers ahead. Traffic is chaotic but it does have a certain rythm to it that you will need to figure out. Once you get into that rythm you will feel much more comfortable with being on the road.

Learn how to Cross Roads in Vietnam

Crossing Road in Vietnam

When crossing roads in Vietnam, you just have to walk calmly straight and let the traffic go around you. This seems crazy at first but is really the only way to get across the road, if you wait for the traffic to slow down you will be waiting for the entire day most likely. As long as you calmly walk straight the motorbikes will easily navigate around you. Be aware that traffic culture does vary from place to place in Vietnam. Hanoi for example, has more of a reputation for following traffic rules comparable to Europe then Saigon.

Women’s Safety in Vietnam

Vietnamese Women

Being a solo female traveler in Vietnam is perfectly fine. Attitudes towards women in Vietnam is particularly progressive especially compared to neighboring countries. Women’s rights were particularly enforced after the socialist takeover that pushed very hard for gender equality. Stories of harrassment of female travlers is practically non existent so there is no reason to fear anything in that regards for all female travelers.

LGBTQ Travelling in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most gay friendly countries in South-East-Asia. Although Vietnam is very receptive towards LGBQT tourist they remain very conservative towards homosexuality in their country. Most gay Vietnamese remain in the closet for most of their lives and usually end up marrying a partner of the opposite sex to maintain appearances. This atitude is slowly changing but certainly at a snails pace. The most gay friendly area of Vietnam is for sure Ho Chi Minh City and South Vietnam in general. There is no reason to concern for your safety when travelling as an LGBTQ member.

Vietnam is Safe for everyone

In conclusion Vietnam is safe! There are no serious safety concerns that should concern you when visiting Vietnam. Americans visiting Vietnam often ask if there is any reason for them to be concerned of locals with resentful thoughts from the American- Vietnam war.  The truth is there is no ill feelings towards Americans or any other nationality in Vietnam. Vietnam is a young populaiton that is fixated on the present and the future and prefers to avoid getting caught up too much in the past. Vietnamese people are caring, kind and most importantly are happy to welcome everyone to their wonderful country. Expect nothing but happy faces and a terrific time when visiting Vietnam.