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The Complete Guide to Mekong Delta Tours

How to Choose the Mekong Delta Tour for You

Mekong Delta

The mighty Mekong Delta is one of Asia’s great natural wonders and the tour of choice for all travelers who are in Ho Chi Minh City. The selection of tours to this area can seem overwhelming at times and confusing. To cut through the noise, there are two options of yours that you should consider, a day tour or a two day tour.

Day Tour to Mekong Delta


The day tour is currently the most popular method of experiencing the delta. Most likely this is because people tend to allocate less time in the southern region to have more time to spend as the move north towards Hanoi. To get a glimpse into the daily local life and take in the scenery, a day tour will do just that. You will start the morning by visiting a floating market, take a sail along on the alleys of the delta and partake in a local cooking class most likely. Generally these day tours will not get you far away from the crowds, which is the drawback here.

Two day Cruise to Mekong Delta

With its close proximity to Saigon, many are tempted to explore the Mekong in a one day tour from Saigon. Although this is possible and you do get to see some of it, the difference in experience when you book a 2 day tour is exceptional. With more time to get away from the crowds who rush here to get a few pictures and head back to Saigon, you get a truly emmersive experience in the area. Spending a night in a luxurious sailing boat listening ot the gentle stream of the river simply puts this experience at a different level compared to the conventional day tour.


Three day Tour to Mekong Delta

For the complete Mekong Delta Experience, the 3 day tour is the way to go. The extra day gives you a better chance to wander deeper into the heart of this region. Venture to small villages and back alleys of the delta that few tourist get to experience. A truely unique experience that should not be skipped out on if you have the time.

Sail Through the Mekong and finish in Phu Quoc

For those who want to visit the beautiful tropical island of Phu Quoc, there is the option of sailing through the Mekong and ending up there. Start the day by being picked up from your hotel in Saigon and drive to Cai Be where you will board the cruise. Spend the day cruising through the villages and rice fields taking in the splendor of the area. Spend the night on the river and in the morning visit Cai Rang floating market while watching the sunrise over the Mekong.  After the floating market you will be shuttled to the port town of Rach Gia where you will be transfered to Phu Quoc.