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Vietnam in October | The Complete Guide

Vietnam in October | The Complete Guide

Are you heading to Vietnam in October? Whether it is to catch the stunning milk flower blossom in Hanoi or take advantage of the superb trekking conditions in the North, October is a great month to visit Vietnam. Read on for the complete guide to Vietnam in October that will surely answer all your questions you may have.

October is a great month to visit Northern Vietnam. Areas such as Sa Pa, Ha Giang, Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Halong bay are fantastic places to visit in October. Regardless of whether you go to Hanoi for a weekend city trip or a 3-week itinerary exploring Vietnam in October, you will not be disappointed.

What to Expect in Vietnam in October

As always in Vietnam, you can expect friendly people, adventure, magnificent nature, and great food. But for October, you can also expect excellent trekking conditions. The cooler weather in Northern Vietnam will make for a fantastic motorbike trip through Sa Pa, Ha Giang, and the surrounding area.

The Weather in Vietnam in October

Due to Vietnam’s size, the weather varies considerably between regions. In October, the temperatures will drop in Northern Vietnam, and there will be less humidity. In Central Vietnam’s coastal areas, October is generally by far the wettest month of the year with the risk of heavy storms. Southern Vietnam will experience less rain and start transitioning into the dry season.

The Weather in Northern Vietnam in October

Northern Vietnam will not let you down in October. The hot summer has ended, and autumn has taken over with its beautiful flower blossoms. With reduced heat and humidity, the second half of October also marks the end of the rainy season, although there may be occasional rain showers throughout October.

In mountainous Northern Vietnam, areas such as Sa Pa and Ha Giang will have average daily mean temperatures of 16-17 °C and clear air making the region perfect for trekking during October.

Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Ha Long Bay, and the surrounding area will see the reduced temperature, humidity, and rain during October. Weather is usually pleasant in this area, particularly towards the second half of October, with an average daily mean temperature of 25°C.

The Weather in Central Vietnam in October

October is usually the rainiest month in Central Vietnam coastal area with an average of 18-20 rainy days. Da Nang and Hoi An get average monthly precipitation of 650mm (25″), which is more than double the average rainfall in September. Nha Trang will get its share of rain as well, but average temperatures will be higher than Da Nang.

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Heavy storms do happen occasionally in Central Vietnam in October but monsoons are rare.

In the Central Highlands around Da Lat and Buon Ma Thuot, October is generally rainy, although it rains less than in September. Temperatures will be mild with around average mean of 18-23°C, depending on the area.

The Weather in Southern Vietnam in October

October marks the beginning of the end of the rainy season in Southern Vietnam. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) has an average of 20 rain days in October and precipitation of 266mm (10”). But there is considerable less rain at end of October than the beginning of the month.

Where to go in Vietnam in October

Northern Vietnam is definitely the area to visit in Vietnam in October, although Saigon, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, and Da Lat will always have their appeal as well. Mekong Delta’s river system will have plenty of water from the rainy season, and Da Lat will be charming with its blossoming wild sunflowers.

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Ha Giang

October is the perfect time to visit Ha Giang. Many tourists explore Ha Giang on motorbikes while others choose to trek the Northern province. A 350km Ha Giang Loop can be made on a motorbike in 4-5 days while several tour companies offer anywhere from 1 day to multi-day trekking trips through the area.

October is when the buckwheat flowers and rice flowers in Ha Giang blossom and turn the rough mountains into fields of colorful flowers. The flower blossoming turns Ha Giang into one of the most picture-perfect places in Vietnam.

The weather in ha Giang is usually pleasant around October. Cool nights and sunny days although there will be some possibility of rain.


Hanoi in October has a special place in Vietnamese folklore, poems, and lyrics due to the beauty the autumn brings to Hanoi. One of the symbols of the autumn in Hanoi is the milk flower. The milk flowers will blossom in Hanoi in October and cover streets in pristine white flowers.

Visiting Hanoi in October, you’ll witness the change of the seasons. With autumn taking over from the hot summer. The temperature will drop, and the rainy season will come to an end, with the daily average mean temperature being around 25°C. There is no better time than October to visit Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter in Hanoi.

October is also the month when Hanoi celebrates the day Ly Thai To choose Hanoi as the capital of Vietnam more than 1,000 years

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Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a popular destination all year round. Visiting Halong Bay during the summer months can be risky as the heavy summer rain, and unpredictable weather can affect planned tours and cruises. But visiting Halong Bay in October, you won’t have to worry about that as the sea will be calm and weather pleasant.

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Famous for its 1,600 limestone islands and pillars, Halong Bay is a 3-hour drive from Hanoi. Several tour operators offer day trips from Hanoi to Halong Bay, but we recommend doing a 2-3 day cruise of the bay to make the most out of your experience.

The calm sea in October makes the bay perfect for kayaking and exploring the many islands and caves in the area.

Halong bay has long been one of Vietnam’s most spectacular tourist attractions, and in 1994, it became Vietnam’s second UNESCO Heritage Site after Hue.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong River Delta is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southern Vietnam, particularly during the winter months. The Mekong River Delta is an extensive network of rivers spanning over 40,000 square km (15,000 square miles).

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The tourist area in Mekong Delta is only 2 hours drive or speedboat ride from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Alternatively, tourists can stay in the city of Can Tho, which is right in the heart of Mekong Delta.

Many tourists only spend a day in Mekong Delta, but we recommend spending at least two days as there is much to see and visit in the Mekong Delta area. We recommend visiting Cai Rang Floating Market, Vinh Trang Pagoda, Cai Be Fruit Orchard, and Tra Su Mangrove Forest.

What to do in Vietnam in October

Go Trekking in the North

October is an excellent time for hiking in Vietnam, particularly in places such as Sa Pa, Ha Giang, and Mu Cang Chai in Northern Vietnam. Central Vietnam highlands are less suitable for trekking in October due to the rain but remain a popular destination.

Trekking is an excellent way of exploring Vietnam’s rural areas. There are lots of tour operators offering trekking trips throughout Vietnam. They offer anything from few hour treks in regions such as Mekong Delta to 12+ day treks through Sa Pa or the national parks.

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Head to the Cham Islands

A breathtaking cluster of granite islands, around 15km directly offshore from Hoi An, the Cham Islands make for an unforgettable day outing.

The bio protected islands are at their absolute best this time of year. With the rainy season over and the waters still calm, conditions for snorkeling, sea walking, or relaxing at the beach are optimal.

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To reach the island, book a boat departing from Hoi An. Several tour operators offer guided tours of the island with snorkeling included. See below for the best overview of trips in the Cham Islands.

Go on a Motorcycle Adventure in Dalat

Often coined “Little Paris,” the enchanting hill town of Dalat is exceptionally fresh in October. There is no better way to explore Dalat then on a motorbike, so book a day tour with an experienced driver-guide to bring you to the most beautiful locations.

What to Wear In Vietnam in October

What to pack for Vietnam in October will depend on where you plan to go. But generally you should be packing summer clothes such as sandals, shorts and t-shirts but you may want to keep the raincoat handy as well. If you plan to travel up north you may want to bring trousers and a jacket.

If you plan to visit Central Vietnam coastal areas such as Da Nang, Hoi An or Nha Trang, make sure to pack your raincoat, pants and even a poncho.