Are you thinking of visiting Vietnam in September? September is a terrific time to visit Vietnam as the hottest months of July and August are past you. The average temperature in Vietnam in September is just around 24 degrees making it one of the most pleasant months to travel throughout the country. Here is everything you need to know about traveling in Vietnam in September. 

September marks the end of the summer so the temperature drops significantly from August. In Northern-Vietnam there is still rain but it is not as heavy as in June to August.  September is also the start of the harvesting season in the mountainous areas making the terraced riced fields turn a stunning gold color.

The best place to catch the stunning gold rice fields in September are in places like Tam Coc, Sapa and Mai Chau. Temperatures in these mountainous area’s is also lower then in the lowlands so expect it to be around 15-20 degrees here.

Weather in Vietnam in September

September is nearly the end of summer, so rain becomes more frequent, interleaves hot and dry day. In the central reason, wet weather increases with more rain. Both in the northern and southern part, there is less rainfall expected, less and less rainfall as the month progresses. Though temperatures are still high but you can expect number of dry and bright daylight hours to visit the south of Vietnam. In the mountains of Sapa, you can go trekking this time thanks to good weather.

Month Hanoi (North) Danang (Centre) Saigon (South)
Av.Temp (C) Av. rainfall (mm) Av.Temp (C) Av. rainfall (mm) Av.Temp (C) Av. rainfall (mm)
January 17 18 22 101 27 15
February 18 28 22 31 28 4
March 20 38 24 12 29 13
April 24 81 27 18 30 42
May 28 197 29 47 29 221
June 30 238 30 42 29 331
July 30 322 30 99 28 314
August 29 343 28 117 28 268
September 28 252 26 447 27 334
October 26 98 24 530 27 268
November 22 42 22 221 27 114
December 19 21 21 208 27 56

What to Expect in September in Vietnam

September is a significant month for cultural and political events. The most notable day of the month is the national independence day which falls on September 2nd. National flags are hung all over the streets and parades roll through the major boulevards. Veterans treat is an an occasion to reflect on the triumph over the French colonialist and American military. For the younger generation it is simply a holiday opportunity to visit families and friends or travel around.

The second half of the month is the celebration of the full-moon. Traditionally it is a time for the farmers to celebrate a fruitful harvesting season with their families. This usually involves people parading throughout the streets with drums and whistles. The festivities usually end in a yard or on the top of someones house where grapefruits, green rice and moon cakes are offered while taking in the beauty of the full moon.

Best Places to visit in Vietnam in September


Hanoi in September is frequently mentioned in several Vietnamese poems and songs because of the beauty and romance in the air during this time. Hanoi at this time of year has a cool and comfortable temperature being the transition phase from summer to autumn.

The first day of September is also the start of milk flower season – the very type of the national capital. If you cross Nguyen Du, Quan Thanh or Quang Trung streets in this season, you will find how milk flowers can be such a unique feature of Hanoi with a special smell. Even though this smell is quite strong for some people, it is undeniable that this is one of the characteristics that makes the autumn in Hanoi different.

On September 2, as the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is celebrating Vietnam’s National Day with much special decoration as well as events organized around the city. Especially at the end of September, there is a fun Mid-Autumn Festival when you can enjoy Vietnamese moon cakes. Across the streets, especially the old town, are painted red with lanterns and children’s toys.


Visiting Sapa during this month is exceptionally memorable during the harvesting season. The terraced rice fields are more vibrant then any other time of the year and many farmers come out to harvest. If they are from the Hmong or Dzao ethnicity they will be wearing colorful clothes and Non La if they are Kinh. The temperature in Sapa in September usually hovers around 15 degrees making it the ideal weather to go for a hike.

3.Hoi An

Hoi An is another must visit destination when heading to Vietnam in September. Accommodations become less crowded as the tourist traffic lessens—the peak tourist season has passed. September, however, with a more temperate weather, is a great month to visit Hoi An.

At the end of the month lions, unicorns and dragons take to the streets. The sounds of drums and symbols fill the air as the Mid Autumn Festival rolls into the city and shops. Shows can be seen in front of local businesses to bless the store and bring it good luck for the coming year. Leading up to the festival troops of kids and teens can be seen and heard around the city beating their drums and practicing their choreography in the evenings.