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What to do in Muine

Finding what to do in Muine is relatively simple, hit the beach or go to the sand dunes.

Mui Ne is a frequnted stop over for backpackers either just making there way out of Ho Chi Minh, or ones that are finishing their journey in Ho Chi Minh. Mui Ne does have a beach, and does have plenty of bars and restaurants to have one fun evening in. However if the writer had to be honest, if there was one place in Vietnam absolutely worth skipping, Mui Ne is on the top of the list.

The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne certainly are the only thing I would consider is worth seeing here, however by no means something that is worth going out of your way to see. But catching them in sunrise or sunset will definitely make for a great picture to keep in the travel photography portfolio.

Mui Ne is a beach resort mainly  visited by Russians. This blog is by no means biased towards any nationality, but the Russians certainly are a bit more.. cold then other nationalities. Besides the Russians the sheer number of young backpackers that head here to drink and party puts a completely different vibe on the city then in any place in Vietnam.

The people in Vietnam are eteremely friendly and generous, everywhere it seems except Mui Ne. This is most likely due to the fact that they are unfortunate enough to live here, and have to deal with drunken rude tourist on a daily basis. I honestly can not blame them.

The beach is definitely a beach, but nothing you havent seen before and certainly will not make our list of the top 10 beaches to visit in Vietnam. Options for good food here is in short supply, so dont expcet any gastronomic adventure when you visit here either.

Now to be fair it is just 2 days since I had the pleasure of escaping Mui Ne, so my poor experience is still way to fresh in my memory. I may be being cruel, but I also may be being absolutely honest and straight forward.

I genuniely wanted to write an article saying that Mui Ne was a fine place to stop over for one night to rest and relax. But I just…cant.

For the sake of your sanity, please avoid this place. It does not represent the type of tourism that Conbeo wants to see flourish in the future, and we would rather lose money on selling tours in Mui Ne then making a dime of profiting from this absolute waste of a beach town.

HOWEVER, the local town fo Mui Ne is absolutely fine and want to make sure that I am not referring to them. The beach part of the town where all the backpacker hostels and resorts are however, toxic and be aware.

For a more positive tourism experience go straight to Da Lat, and do read our post about Da Lat for something much more uplifting then this post.  Lets hope for a better future for Mui Ne and the poor souls that are stuck serving obnoxiously drunk tourist.

Once again apologies for the pesimism and have a lovely day!