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Private Hanoi Food Tour with Ngat

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Hi, my name is Ngat and I will be your private food tour guide. I am very passionate about Vietnamese food and like to show it in my very own private food tour. I am not a hired tour guide, this is my own small private business and I will take you to street food vendors which I myself eat at every week. My food tour is not like any other in Hanoi, they tend to take you to the normal places that offer dishes such as Pho or Bun Cha, which are very easily found by yourself. I take you to places you wouldn't ever dream of walking in to, or alleys you wouldn't think to walk down. Come and join my private food tour of Hanoi now and taste the simply divine traditional dishes from all over Vietnam!

Lunch Private Food Tour - 12pm (Mon - Sat)

2+ foodies - $30 p/p4+ foodies - $25 p/p

(minimum 2 guests)

Dinner Private Food Tour - 4pm (Mon - Sun)

2+ foodies - $30 p/p4+ foodies - $25 p/p

(minimum 2 guests)

Good to know

What's included?

  • All food (7 dishes inc dessert)
  • 1 bottle of water.
  • Beer or other drinks
  • extra dishes
  • tips.